Easy At Home Workouts

Fitness Friday Workouts

#CADiFitness is excited to share 20min workouts that you can do anytime, anywhere. 

At Home Workout: BICEPS
1. Bicep Curls (10 reps)
2. Hammer Curls (10 reps)
3. Wide Curls (10 reps)
4. Bonus - Dumbbell Punch (10 reps)
- Rest 30seconds between sets
- Complete 4 rounds
* Option - Try to do in-between 8-12 reps per exercise. You can also rotate arms for a bit easy workout.
* Remember to always keep your core engaged *.

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*Disclaimer: we are not fitness professionals. We are just three sisters who are all moms, who love fitness and want to share some mom-to-mom at home workouts.