Our Story

We were born in Louisiana and raised by a single mother. From a very young age we learned that to achieve anything it would take hard (even manual labor) work and dedication. We grew to rely on and support each other through every phase of life. Beginning with babysitting at the ages of 10 and 11 through our college years, to marriage, through our individual battles with infertility, to our now Big ‘Ole Family. Giving up was never an option! We embrace the love of our Savior and are driven to push forward to be the best we can be for ourselves, each other and our families. It was only natural that we build and create a business together. Our passion for fitness has been a constant between us and is a reminder of our strength as sisters, wives, mothers and business owners.
With that, our sisterly business vision came to life! CADi was formed by using our birth order: Crystal, Ashley then Danielle. The “i” was added as it is a part of our family “Aunt” names for each other: KiKi, LiLi and DiDi.
CADi Fitness is a Fitness Apparel Line created from our Strong
and “i”ndependent Women driven hearts
because i can be i.
We hope to inspire all women any shape or size to be comfortable in their own skin because:
i am good enough
i am strong enough
i can achieve
i can be a motivator … and
i can be anything i aspire to be!
We are thrilled to share our Story and our Business with you.
With Love,
CADi Fitness
Crystal (KiKi), Ashley (LiLi) and Danielle (DiDi)